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Keyboard Shortcuts


Many of FabImage Studio actions can be invoked with keyboard shortcuts. Most of them have default shortcuts - such as copying with Ctrl+C, pasting with Ctrl+V, finding elements with Ctrl+F, saving with Ctrl+S, navigating with arrow keys etc.
In some controls - e.g. formula editor - there are present commonly used keyboard shortcuts for text editors: navigating through whole words with Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow, selecting consecutive letters/lines (Shift+Arrow keys), selecting whole words (Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right Arrow), increasing indents with Tab, decreasing them with Shift+Tab etc.

In this article you can find listed all of the less-known shortcuts.

Table of Contents

  1. Program Editor
  2. HMI Designer
  3. Properties Control
  4. 3D View
  5. Deep Learning Editors

Shortcuts Table

Command Shortcut
Program Editor
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Run program F5
Run program with FabImage Executor Ctrl+F5
Run program until selected point Ctrl+F9
Stop program Shift+F5
Pause program at current executing step Ctrl+Alt+Pause
Iterate program F6
Iterate current macrofilter Ctrl+F10
Step over F10
Step into F11
Step out Shift+F11
Insert new filter instance Ctrl+T
Load recent project Alt+Number
Rename currently open macrofilter F2
View program statistics F8
Toggles breakpoint for currently selected filter and macrofilter outputs block F9
Copy element Ctrl+Insert
Paste element Shift+Insert
Change currently selected macrofilter Ctrl+Number
Navigate to home macrofilter Alt+Home
Navigate to parent macrofilter Shift+Enter
Open next macrofilter in history Alt+Right Arrow
Open previous macrofilter in history Alt+Left Arrow
Extract step from selected filter/filters Ctrl+E
Add new Formula instance to current program Ctrl+Shift+E
Add new Comment instance to current program Ctrl+Shift+K
Create step macrofilter and add instance Ctrl+Shift+S
Create task macrofilter and add instance Ctrl+Shift+T
Create variant macrofilter and add instance Ctrl+Shift+V
Remove currently opened macrofilter with all its instances Ctrl+Shift+R
Undock currently opened macrofilter Ctrl+U
Enable/Disable selected filter instance/instances Ctrl+L
Add new/Edit existing filter comment Ctrl+M
Copy currently moving instance Hold Ctrl while moving instance
Navigate and select elements instances Shift+Up/Down/Home/End
Move selected filters Alt+Up Alt+Down
HMI Designer
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Move currently selected control Arrows
Move currently selected control to the edge of its container Ctrl+Arrows
Resize currently selected control Shift+Arrows
Resize currently selected control to the edge of its container Ctrl+Shift+Arrows
Properties Control
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Hide/Show selected property Ctrl+H
Restore default value of selected property Ctrl+D
Enable/Disable port in current macrofilter variant Ctrl+E
Set/Unset optional value Ctrl+P
Enable/Disable port in current macrofilter variant Ctrl+E
Change scale on property value slider from 1 to 10 Hold Shift while modifying value with slider
Change scale on property value slider from 1 to 0.1 Hold Ctrl while modifying value with slider
Change scale on property value slider from 1 to 0.01 Hold Ctrl+Shift while modifying value with slider
Insert a new line into the text Shift+Enter
3D View
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Show bounding box B
Show grid G
Increase point size ]
Decrease point size [
Move view up Q
Up Arrow
Move view down Z
Down Arrow
Move view left A
Left Arrow
Move view right D
Up Arrow
Zoom in W
Page Up
Zoom out S
Page Down
Decrease rotation angle Hold CTRL while rotating view
Deep Learning Editors
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Change current class 0 - 9
Move one image up Page Up
Move one image down Page Down
Save current state of the model Ctrl+S
Automatic training Alt+F2
Generate the report Alt+F3
Deep Learning Editors - Anomalies Detection only
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Change the current image's annotation Space
Label image as good and go to the next one G
Label image as bad and go to the next one B
Deep Learning Editors - Object Classification only
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Remove selected ROI Delete
Deep Learning Editors - Instance Segmentation only
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Remove single instance Delete
Add new instance Space
Split the instances into separate blobs S
Deep Learning Editors - Point Location only
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Remove selected point Delete
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