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The task is to check if there is no gap in the wire between two pins of fuse.


An image containing fuses.


Result of the inspection drawn on the image. If the fuse is undamaged, a green circle is drawn, otherwise the circle is red.


To detect a broken wire Blob Analysis technique can be used. Using the SplitRegionIntoBlobs filter you can analyze each fuse separately.

Labeling connections is explained in this article.

Solution (FIS)

  1. In Workspace Explorer open workspace Examples and in Film strip window select Fuses dataset. Drag the Image channel to the ACQUIRE section.

  2. Add the ThresholdToRegion filter to create a region containing fuses. A background is white, therefore you can set the inMaxValue to 248. Since the PROCESS section should consist of key functionalities of the application, rest of the tools will be placed here.

  3. To split region to several regions corresponding to each fuse, add the SplitRegionIntoBlobs filter and connect it with the ThresholdToRegion filter.

  4. Now you have an array of regions. To check whether the wire is not broken you need to analyze each of them separately. You can accomplish it with an Array mode.

  5. Note that pins and a wire are darker than a material around them, thus the ThresholdToRegion filter can be used again. Add this filter and connect the outImage output of the ReadFilmstrip to it. Also connect the FuseBlobs output to the inRoi.

  6. Add the SplitRegionIntoBlobs filter to check whether the fuse is damaged. If there will be more then one Region on the the outBlobs output it will mean that the fuse is broken into two parts. To check that, right-click on the outBlobs output, select Property Outputs and choose the Count property. Then open the Results Control, mark the checkbox in the outBlobs.Count row and set Limits to 1: After that operation a new Property Outputs will appear. Just click on the outBlobs.Count and select the Status property.

  7. Click twice on the new output and change its name to IsFuseOK.
  8. Add the RegionBoundingCircle filter to create circles around fuses. To be more precise this filter computes circle around region of fuse.

  9. To draw the circles with color corresponding to the result of the inspection, add the DrawCircles_MultiColor.

Macrofilter Main

Used Filters

Icon Name Description
RegionBoundingCircle Computes the smallest circle enclosing a region.
ThresholdToRegion Extraction of a region of objects that can be defined by a salient brightness.
SplitRegionIntoBlobs Segmentation of a region into individual objects when the objects do not touch each other.
DrawCircles_MultiColor Draws circles on an image with multiple colors.

Further Readings

  • Blob Analysis - Article presents detailed information about the Blob Analysis technique.