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Header: FIL.h
Namespace: fil
Module: FoundationPro

Creates an image from pixels traversed along a path.

Applications: E.g. "Unwrapping" of object contours, so that they appear as 1D structures on the output image.


void fil::ImageAlongPath
	const fil::Image& inImage,
	const fil::Path& inAxisPath,
	ftl::Optional<const fil::CoordinateSystem2D&> inAxisPathAlignment,
	int inScanWidth,
	fil::Axis::Type inAxisType,
	fil::InterpolationMethod::Type inInterpolationMethod,
	ftl::Optional<const fil::Pixel&> inBorderColor,
	fil::Image& outImage,
	ftl::Optional<fil::Path&> outAlignedAxisPath = ftl::NIL,
	ftl::Array<fil::Path>& diagSamplingPoints = ftl::Dummy<ftl::Array<fil::Path>>()


Name Type Range Default Description
Input value inImage const Image& Input image
Input value inAxisPath const Path& Input path
Input value inAxisPathAlignment Optional<const CoordinateSystem2D&> NIL Adjusts the axis path to the position of the inspected object
Input value inScanWidth int 1 - 5 The width of the stripe of pixels along the given path
Input value inAxisType Axis::Type Y Type of axis the transformed axis path will be parallel to
Input value inInterpolationMethod InterpolationMethod::Type Bilinear The interpolation method used to compute pixel brightness in locations of not-integer coordinates
Input value inBorderColor Optional<const Pixel&> Pixel ( X: 0.0f Y: 0.0f Z: 0.0f W: 0.0f ) Color of pixel outside image. If inBorderColor = NIL then algorithm repeats color of boarder.
Output value outImage Image& Output image
Output value outAlignedAxisPath Optional<Path&> NIL Input path after transformation (in the image coordinates)
Diagnostic input diagSamplingPoints Array<Path>& Array of paths each one containing the sampling points corresponding to one row of the resulting image

Optional Outputs

The computation of following outputs can be switched off by passing value ftl::NIL to these parameters: outAlignedAxisPath.

Read more about Optional Outputs.


The operation transforms the stripe of pixels of width inScanWidth along the inAxisPath in the way that transforms the path into straight segment. Two modes of pixel interpolation are available, the bilinear filtering being more precise and computationally expensive.

The optional parameter inAxisPathAlignment defines the transform to be performed on the inAxisPath so that the resulting path is defined in a new context, e.g. returned by one of Template Matching filters.


ImageAlongPath performed on the sample image with inScanWidth = 50 and inAxisType = Y. The result was transposed using TransposeImage for clarity.

See Also

  • ImageProfileAlongPath – Creates a series of segments across the input path, measures the average pixel intensity on each of the segments, and creates the final profile from those values.
  • ImageAlongArc – Creates an image from pixels traversed along an arc.