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Header: Genicam.h
Namespace: fil
Module: Genicam

Opens configuration node set of GigE Vision application transport layer.


GigEHandle fil::GigEVision_OpenSystemConfiguration()


This function allows to access library global configuration parameters (connection configuration on application side) for GigE Vision subsystem. The function returns a handle to parameters' set, that can be accessed with GenApi functions. Every handle returned by this function must be closed with GigEVision_CloseHandle function.

Configuration changes take effects only for devices opened afterwards (so configuration of currently opened and active devices is not changed).

Configuration set contains the following parameters:

Name (id) Type Description
GevAppTLPacketResendsCount Integer

Maximum number of command resends to device on control channel, when command acknowledgment is not received. After specified number of attempts current operation is terminated with "no response" error.

Range: 1...10

Default: 3

GevAppTLAckTimeout Integer

Time in milliseconds that the application will wait for command acknowledgment from the device when communicating on control channel. After timeout elapses with no acknowledgment the application will assume that command message was lost.

Range: 100...2000

Default: 300

GevAppTLHertbeatTimeout Integer

Value in milliseconds of maximum allowed time without communication on control channel. After this time the application will send a so called heartbeat signal to the device. When the device is left without a heartbeat signal or the application did not receive a heartbeat acknowledgment, connection is assumed to be lost.

Range: 500...20000

Default: 1000

GevAppTLDefaultFrameWaitTimeout Integer

Value in milliseconds of wait timeout for GigEVision_ReceiveImage function. After this time when no new frame is available function will control connection state and raise an appropriate exception.

Range: 500...30000

Default: 4000

GevAppTLConnectionOpeningAttemptsCount Integer

Number of connection attempts for opening device. When connection related errors occur during device finding or device connection opening, library will not raise an exception but will attempt to open the connection again. This is the maximum allowed number of such attempts.

Range: 1...30

Default: 3

GevAppTLDisablePacketSizeNegotiation Boolean

When set to false, allows the library to automatically negotiate packet size with a device. Video streaming performance is higher when packet size is bigger, that is why the library will try to find the maximum allowed size for the current network configuration, but this negotiation take some time upon connection opening. When network configuration is complicated, maximum allowed packet size can change dynamically which cannot be noticed by the application. In such situation packet negotiation should be disabled.

Default: False

GevAppTLEnableConstantPacketSize Boolean

When packet size negotiation is disabled, the packet size may be left unchanged in device settings or set by library to a constant value on every connection. Set this parameter to False to left packet size unchanged, or to True to use packet size from GevAppTLConstantPacketSize parameter.

Requires: GevAppTLDisablePacketSizeNegotiation=True

Default: False

GevAppTLConstantPacketSize Integer

When packet size negotiation is disabled and constant packet size is enabled this parameter specifies network packet size in bytes to use on video stream connection. Larger packet sizes are better for performance but are not always supported by network infrastructure.

Requires: GevAppTLEnableConstantPacketSize=True

Range: 100...100000

GevAppTLSocketBufferSize Integer

Specifies the stream channel network socket input buffer size in kilobytes.

Range: 2048kB...262144kB (2MB...256MB)

GevAppTLConnectInExclusiveMode Boolean

Determines privilege mode of connection with device. When set to True enables Exclusive mode connection. In Exclusive mode only one application can be connected with device and only one application can read device state. When set to False disables exclusive mode and connects in Control mode. In Control mode other applications are permitted to monitor state of device.

Default: True

GevAppTLUseMessageChannel Boolean

When set to True, enables driver to open message channel in device. When device supports asynchronous events a message channel is used to deliver notifications with their data. Disabling message channel will disable event notifications. When device is not supporting message channel its opening will fail and driver will continue without message channel.

Default: True

GevAppTLIgnoreGevImageTrailer Boolean

When set to True, causes that image format parameters sent in image trailer packet are ignored and only image data leader participates in image format.

Default: False

GevAppTLEnablePacketsRetransmission Boolean

Enables stream missing packets detection and retransmission request (when supported by the device).

Default: True

GevAppTLResetBlockIdOnAcquisitionStart Boolean

When enabled resets stream channels BlockId counter on every acquisition start (used to resolve some compatibility issues with cameras).

Default: False

GevAppTLEnableGenApiCache Boolean

When set to True, enables GenApi cache. GenApi cache will store values read from device in the local computer memory to limit network traffic. Not all parameters can be cached. Cache performance depends on individual device and accessed parameters. Disabling cache will cause driver to read all parameters from device every time, including meta data like value ranges and access mode. Disabling cache will decrease speed of GenApi parameter operations.

Default: True

GevAppTLRequest64BitBlockIdMode Boolean

For GigEVision 2.0 compatible devices enables requesting the device to use 64bit Block ID mode.

Default: True

GevAppTLActivateDevicePTP Boolean

When set activates Precision Time Protocol in the device (when supported by the device).

Default: False

GevAppTLAllowLocalXmlOverride Boolean

When set to True allows to load GenICam xml file from local file system (when found) instead of location specified by device.

Default: True


This example shows how to set up the library for forcing video stream packet size in a device equal to 8000 bytes.

fil::GigEHandle hSet = fil::GigEVision_OpenSystemConfiguration();

fil::GenApi_SetBooleanParam(hSet, "GevAppTLDisablePacketSizeNegotiation", true);
fil::GenApi_SetBooleanParam(hSet, "GevAppTLEnableConstantPacketSize", true);
fil::GenApi_SetIntegerParam(hSet, "GevAppTLConstantPacketSize", 8000);